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About Us

Expert Doxument Solutions, Inc., was founded by Ray Sunday and Karen Hodak in June 2003 with the idea that an accurate and quality product was the most important aspect of our business. We named the company Blue Moose Litigation Support, showcasing our individuality and our commitment to a different client experience. The positive response from Denver's legal community soon made Blue Moose the premier legal support company within the field. Our mascot, "Blue", a blue moose in a Hawaiian shirt, became an iconic testament to the faith and to the trust that law firms placed in us for their document needs and their trial preparations.

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Through referrals and positive press, Blue Moose became known for its attention to detail, accuracy, and confidentiality which is required to support law firms. It wasn't long before professionals in other industries began to use Blue Moose for their own document management needs. In 2011, Blue Moose Litigation Support became Expert Doxument Solutions, Inc., a name that was designed to reflect the diverse range of services and the broad spectrum of professions that we now serve, including, but not limited to: Legal, Financial, Medical, Architectural & Engineering, Oil & Gas, Corporations, Agencies, and Conventions.

As the number of our clients has grown, Expert Doxument Solutions has become larger, offering a more diverse range of services. However, our commitment to the fundamentals of quality and integrity has not changed. The client’s satisfaction and trust remain central to Expert Doxument Solutions' philosophy. With this in mind, “Blue” still hangs in the production center as a reminder to our employees to constantly strive to be the best and to differentiate their efforts from those of other document companies. While reviewing your industry's page, if a particular service is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will be more than happy to meet your needs.