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Architectural & Engineering

Expert Doxument Solutions, Inc., produces plan and technical drawings to the exact specifications that the industry demands. The precision and the attention to detail of engineering and architectural documents is tantamount to the success of every project, be it a single residential dwelling or an entire city’s infrastructure. Project teams need to be able to access versions of plans for every step from the first proposal to the RFC phase in order to review, to update and to make notes.

Expert Doxument Solutions can make both print reproductions or high quality digital scans and send those materials to all involved parties, as specified by the client. Our scanning solutions can convert plans which are stored in valuable office space or off-site storage facilities into a much more portable, efficient format. One CD, DVD, or other digital medium can hold thousands of drawings in a much smaller space and also provides instant access to previous drawings by searching for a keyword or phrase.

Our professional staff is available 24/7, upon request, to help you meet your needs and will aid in actualizing your creation.

If you do not see the service you require listed below, please contact us.


  • Engineering/Architectural Document Services
    • Reproduction of monochromatic plans & blueprints (standard or specialty mediums)
    • Color proposal designs, aerial photos, utility plans produced to presentation quality standards
    • Printing & conversion of DWF, DWG, PDF, 000, PLT, and most other CAD/graphics applications
    • Multiple address disbursement to project collaborators both locally, nationally, internationally
  • Copy Duplication Services (Standard Size Documents)
    • Color & monochromatic printing & copying
    • Accurate document enlargement or reduction that maintains original scale ratio integrity
    • Document binding – All Types
    • Large Format presentation boards
    • Training Manuals, Proposals, and Marketing Materials
  • Electronic Document Scanning
    • Scanning and Imaging of paper documents
    • Tiff and PDF conversions from other digital formats
    • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and Searchable PDF
    • Large Format scanning

Other Services

Expert Doxument Solutions is proud to offer services for the following industries. Please click on a link below to learn more about the services for your industry. If you need something you don't see here, don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be more than happy to meet your needs.