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Medical Services

Expert Doxument Solutions, Inc., will convert your patient medical records securely and seamlessly, integrating them into either your current electronic chart system or a new system through our partnering with ChartCapture. Digital integration can offer great benefits to all medical disciplines and their patients. The implementation of Electronic Health Records (EHR) will be mandatory by 2016. The federal HITECH Act, supplementing current HIPPA laws, allows for thousands of dollars in incentives to medical professionals who implement Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and digital record storage procedures. By instantly locating and updating patient histories via computer or e-Tablets, electronic patient records and charts will benefit practices of all sizes. Office space that previously served only as storage for records will be available as an exam room, a laboratory, or a new workspace. Additionally, work efficiency studies have irrefutably shown that up to four hours a day in a medical office can be spent searching for and maintaining paper records. Our solution allows us to merge your patient's old paper charts into new e-charts, facilitating a seamless transition and easy access, dramatically increasing your offices efficiency and efficacy in patient care. Your patient is your practice’s most important asset; digital records will exponentially add to the amount of personal attention you give to each individual.

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  • Conversion to Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
    • Integration of paper medical records into current patient charts
    • Instantaneous access to complete medical histories via computer or e-Tablet
    • Standardized information entry and notations into patient histories
    • Remote 24 hour access to patient’s full medical history
  • Digital documents
    • Ability to review and to update patient charts from any secure web enabled device
    • Instantly share medical history with other medical professionals collaborating on patient care
    • Lab paperwork, radiology/MRI/CAT images and pathology results immediately available for review
    • Medical Records Scanning & Digital Archiving
  • The ChartCapture system of integration of paper records into digital format
    • Index and organize patient information for recall by key search word
    • Available full color scanning to maintain integrity of original document
    • Digital Archives globally compatible with all EMR systems
    • Secure access to all files and charts from any web enabled device

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