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Oil & Gas

Expert Doxument Solutions, Inc., knows that the records and logs generated in the oil and gas industry are essential to the success of the business. We can convert all paper files into a digital and easily accessible format that can save you time, money, and space. In the event of a sale or a property transfer, we can create complete file reproductions either in paper or digital form. Well logs, geological reports, and land surveys can come in large and unmanageable sizes. We can convert these documents to smaller and more easily read sizes that maintain the scale and information available on the original. Digital file formats can also be converted from industry specific programs to PDF, TIFF and other programs to create compatibility across other industries and agencies.

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  • Industry Specific Services
    • Reproduction of Well Logs and Property Ownership Reports
    • Conversion and reproduction of Geological Reports and Land Surveys in either color or monochromatic
    • Printing & conversion of DWF, DWG, 000, PLT, and other industry applications
  • Copy Duplication Services (Standard Size Documents)
    • Color & Monochromatic printing & copying
    • Accurate document enlargements or reductions maintain original scale ratio integrity
    • Document binding – All Types
    • Large Format presentation boards
  • Electronic Document Scanning
    • Large Format/Well Log Scanning in Color or Monochromatic
    • TIFF and PDF conversions from other digital formats
    • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and Searchable PDF
    • Scanning & Imaging of paper documents

Other Services

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